15 11 / 2013

Ride The Subway For Free In Moscow, But Only If You Can Do 30 Squats

City of Moscow promote social change by offering a free ride on its subway.

(Source: youtube.com)

20 5 / 2013

Domino’s pizza DVD campaign

A DVD that smells and looks kind of like pizza once it’s “heated up” in a player? Looks (and tastes) bizarre. 

Hat tip: The Consumerist

06 4 / 2013

Continuing on the healthcare path, here’s an inspiring presentation by James Senior on designing a compassionate healthcare experience. 

The session also discuss ways to put the suggestions into practice in UX design team. By keeping patients at the center of our thinking, the right design will emerge.

02 4 / 2013

140 is a minimalistic platformer nominated for Excellence in Audio in IGF 2013.

The minimalist game—which has no storyline or characters—forces you to sync your movements to an “energetic, yet melancholic” soundtrack. The stripped-down landscape of the game changes along with the noises—keep up with the rhythm and visual cues, and you’re catapulted into different landscapes. 

Hat tip: Fastcodesign

22 11 / 2012

A new way of thinking for healthcare: “human care”

15 11 / 2012

Delta’s new pre-flight safety instruction video make use of something nobody thought about: fun.

12 10 / 2012

Awesome short graduation film project on gamification by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo.

(Source: vimeo.com)

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07 8 / 2012

The amazing work of south korean artist Ahn Min Jeong who uses the style, signs and symbols of mechanical drawings to elevate the visibility of the hidden faces of our bodies and souls.

07 8 / 2012


munich72 by Marcos Dopico on Flickr.


munich72 by Marcos Dopico on Flickr.

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07 5 / 2012

Amazing infographic work by Hamburg designer Martin Oberhauser

(Source: trigger.behance.net)